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Sonoma's West County Art scene is vibrant with world class art. This online resource contains over 60 artist profiles, event listing, call to artists and more.



Visit Jenner by the Sea. The great outdoors in Jenner offers everyone from adventure seeker,  plein-air painter, hiker, biker, kayaker, naturalist, photographer, or beach comber a place to enjoy life to its fullest. Go to this online resource for a closer look at Jenner by the Sea.



A local coastal directory of towns, festivals, art tours and events. Overview of local coastal towns, history, business, and outdoor activities. Thinking about taking a drive from Bodega Bay to Ocean Cove or Stewarts Point? Or a trip to Fort Ross to see Fort Ross State Park. Hike in Salt Point State Park for the day. Go to this online resource for more Sonoma Coast information.



Sonoma Coast Visitors Center
913 Highway 1, Bodega Bay · (707) 875-3866

Sonoma Coast State Park Visitors Center
10439 Highway 1, Jenner · (707) 865-9757

Armstrong Redwoods Visitor Center
17000 Armstrong Woods Rd, Guerneville · (707) 869-2958

Petaluma Visitors' Center
210 Lakeville St, Petaluma ·(877) 273-8258

Visit one of our 27 beaches in our area. From Bodega Head to Russian Gulch.


Bodega Head is the prominent rocky point that protects Bodega Harbor from the west.

Horseshoe Cove
is a stunning deep cove on Bodega Head near Bodega Bay, CA.

Pinnacle Gulch Beach
is a hidden beach at the bottom of Pinnacle Gulch in the Bodega Harbor housing community in Bodega Bay.

Shorttail Gulch Beach
is a hidden beach in the housing community Bodega Harbor in the town of Bodega Bay.

Campbell Cove Beach
is a sandy spot on Bodega Head just inside the entrance to Bodega Harbor in Bodega Bay.

Doran Beach in Doran Regional Park
is located along the spit at the entrance to Bodega Harbor from Bodega Bay. Doran Spit is a great place to view the bay, the harbor, and Bodega Head. The wide beach on the bay is about two miles long and makes a wonderful beach walking route. The harbor side beach is narrow, especially at high tide. All over the spit are trails that meander through the dunes for more walking options.

Bodega Dunes
is a large state park campground and coastal dunes structure in the town of Bodega Bay.

South Salmon Creek Beach
is between Bodega Dunes and Salmon Creek just north of the town of Bodega Bay.

North Salmon Creek Beach
is right off Coast Highway 1 just north of Bodega Bay.

Miwok Beach
is a tiny beach named after the Coast Miwok Native Americans who lived in this southern portion of Sonoma County long ago.

Coleman Beach
is one of many small pocket beaches within Sonoma Coast State Park north of Bodega Bay.

Arched Rock Beach
is named for the big rock with a hole in it that is visible to the north.

Carmet Beach
is a narrow rocky beach in front of the small housing community of Carmet north of Bodega Bay, CA.

Schoolhouse Beach
is one of the wider and nicer beaches along this stretch of the Sonoma Coast between Bodega Bay and the Russian River.

Portuguese Beach
is a long wide beach between Bodega Bay and the Russian River in Sonoma County. It’s one of the largest sandy beaches in the area.

Scotty Creek Beach
is an excellent pebbly beach where Scotty Creek flows under Highway 1 and enters the Pacific. It’s located about halfway between the towns of Bodega Bay and Jenner in Sonoma County.

is a narrow rocky beach south of Duncans Landing along the Sonoma County coast.

Rock Point Beach
is a tiny sandy spot amongst huge rocks just south of Duncan’s Landing along the Sonoma County shoreline.

Duncan’s Landing
is located about half-way between Bodega Bay and Jenner along the Sonoma County coastline.

Wrights Beach
is the largest sandy beach between Bodega Bay and the Russian River along in Sonoma County.

Furlong Gulch Beach
is a Sonoma Coast State Park State Beach located where Furlong Gulch Creek drains into the Pacific.

Shell Beach
is a narrow rocky beach in Sonoma County just south of the Russian River and the small town of Jenner.

Blind Beach
is located south of Jenner and the Russian River in Sonoma County. It’s a long narrow beach that is great for beachcombing and fishing.

Goat Rock Beach
is located between Goat Rock Point and the Russian River along the Sonoma County shore near the town of Jenner.

Willow Creek Beach
is located on the sandy banks of the Russian River near the town of Jenner.

Fish Head Beach
is a narrow driftwood-covered beach about two miles north of the visitor center in Jenner, California on the Sonoma County coast.

Russian Gulch
is a pebbly beach in a deep cove where Russian Gulch Creek flows into the Pacific north of Jenner.