2015 Fireworks Over Bodega Bay

Friday, July 3 - 9:30PM

Fireworks show produced by Pyro Spectaculars will start at dark (9:30PM) on Friday, July 3.  The display can be seen from all around Bodega Bay.  Handicap parking at Westside Park.  


If you can see the protected waters of the Bodega Bay harbor, you should be able to see the show. It's viewable from Westside Road, the north side of Doran Beach Road, Bay Flat Road, Smith Brothers Road and Highway 1 between Smith Brothers Road and Taylor Street. Please be careful where you park. AND PLEASE TAKE OUT WHATEVER YOU BRING IN! OUR VOLUNTEERS NEED YOUR HELP TO KEEP BODEGA BAY BEAUTIFUL!! THANK YOU!!


Look for volunteers from the Bodega Bay Area Chamber of Commerce, who will be collecting donations for next year's show.  Thank you for your support!


For more information, please email chamber@bodegabayca.org.

A Special Thank You to our 2014 Sponsors:


Bodega Bay Firecrackers
Bodega Bay Beach Cabaret
Bodega Bay Fisherman's Festival
Bodega Bay Lodge
Bodega Harbour Homeowners Association
Porto Bodega

Spud Point Crab Company

The Tides Wharf

No Fireworks are permitted at Westside Park, except for the BBACC's Fireworks Display.  


Only handicap parking is provided at Westside Park - SPACE IS LIMITED!


If you view the show from the vicinity of Westside Park, please note traffic will be very heavy and delayed getting back to Highway 1 southbound.

Bodega Bay Sparklers
The Boat House

Bodega Bay & Beyond

Patrick's of Bodega Bay



Fireworks Champions

Aunt Zelda's

Aldo Cima
The Cleggs
East Shore Outfitters

The Fioris
Gourmet au Bay
The Liebigs
The Mahleys
Dan Metz

Osmosis Spa
Paragon Screenprinting
Robbin Rudderow
Second Wind
Sonoma Concierge
The Szulmans

The Warrens


Friends of the Fireworks

Artisan Sotheby's
The Bernsteins
The Breunigs

Business Services Unlimited
Bob Haire
Harry Levitt
The Loubes
The Rabbs
The Stouts
Charlie Stromer Construction
The Toms

Van Cleemput Photography
Earl Whetstone
The Wilens


Thank you to the following for donating in kind:  

All American Printing, Bodega Bay FireFighters, CalTrans, Community Insurance Agency, Diekmann's Bay StoreGourmet au BaySpud Point Crab CompanyStudio Grafa



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